Gary Webernick

    multi-media visual artist

Artist’s Statement

I never know what my next idea will be or in what form it will manifest itself. It could surface from a dream—it could be a harsh reality—it could be political—it could be whimsical—it could be an experiment with a new material—it could be a refinement of a previous idea—it could have sound, light and movement—it could be a conundrum—perhaps a combination of many ideas.

My mind wanders through the past, present and future sometimes touching the ghosts of previous artists—I love the surreal, nonsense, color, architecture and cold sweet watermelon.

I save images in my head, put some in my journal—they often appear when least expected. After something will not leave my thoughts and continues to haunt me, I know that it is time to begin a deeper search—I am never certain where the path may lead—the process is the magic.

Gary Webernick (aka-Giovanni Gustav Vingsetti)