Gary Webernick

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Policital / Social

Chronomatron, V100 Series

Environmental Monitor (Rotator-Gravity Design)

The Politician (Vote for Me)

White House Melt Down

Time for Truth

Peace On Earth

King George

George The Rocket Robot

From The Mask of Evil Series "The Awakening"

From The Mask of Evil Series "Robot Wars/Missile Soup"

Mask of Evil

"Solar Earth Monitor"


Earth Sensor

Earth Sensor

Earth Sensor

Earth Sensor/Pollution Detector

Earth Sensor/Device for Measuring Ozone Levels

From Chaos to Calm

Human Destiny

The American Presidency/The Privleged Ones

"After Pearl Harbor?"

I Try To Keep Smiling, But They Make It Difficult

Death Dance

"It's The Real Thing"

The Press Conference

Image of a Stunned Person

Woman Survivor with Boar Comrade

That Which Is Difficult to Contain

White House Ray Gun Room

Woman Moving Mountains

"You Too, Huh?"

North Carolina Bicentennial Statement

"Bolo Bureaucracy"

"Big Chief"