Gary Webernick


Gary Webernick was born in Georgetown, Texas in 1948.  He currently resides east of Austin, Texas near Mountain City, Texas.

Mr. Webernick attended Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.  He received an Associate of Arts Degree from Broward College, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Working in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, mixed-media installations, photography, video and books, Webernick has exhibited extensively nationally with work included in private and public collections, as well as a variety of publications.

He is a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts/Rockefeller Grant for Interdisciplinary Artists and has been awarded various artist grants including an Installation Grant from the Austin Museum of Art.
As an artist working in Anchorage, Alaska, Webernick received an Individual Artist Grant as well as a Alaska State Travel Grant from the Alaska State Council for the Arts. 

Mr. Webernick has taught at various art schools, colleges and universities throughout  the United States; he is currently a Professor and Chair of the Art Department at Austin Community College.

Artist Statement

Like many of us, I began to draw when I was a child ---- a "doodler" with pencil and paper. In my later youth I painted a few pictures, but never really thought of being an artist; my dream was to be an architect.
I realized later that I was probably too "stubborn" to be an architect --- too much structure. I made art instead, but it made sense at times to have the structure, the "design" of architecture at my disposal with the addition or combination of the emotional --- more latitude, more freedom. Painting, drawing and sculpture allowed the option of fusing all of the elements.
I never lost my love for architecture; I continue to make connections to its essence. The objects oftentimes become temples, totems and shrines that keep me connected to my personal spirit, but simultaneously, allude to past and present cultures and, perhaps, universal truths.

Throughout my artistic history, one common thread continues-Political/Social Commentary.
After 9/11, this direction intensified.  
Gary Webernick

124 Poplar

Mountain City, Texas  78610
Mobile:   512.694.5674 

Office: 512.223.3265

2009-10      "Art on the Green", Outdoor Sculpture Invitational, Kemp Center for Art, Wichita Falls, Texas
2009-10      “The People’s Gallery Annual Exhibition”, Austin City Hall, Austin, Texas
2009           "E.A.S.T. Exhibition", Student/Faculty Work, Austin Community College, 5th Street Gallery,Austin, Texas
2009           "Faculty Exhibition", Austin Community College, University of Texas Performing Arts Center,Austin, Texas
2008           “Gary Webernick, Political and Social Commentary, A Retrospective, 1973-2008”, Solo Exhibition, The Far East Gallery                         and Laboratory, McDade,Texas
                   “Engaging Sculpture-Toward Social, Environmental and Political Involvement”, 11th Texas Sculpture Symposium and                        Exhibition, Sculpture Network of Texas, Texas Tech University Center at  Junction, Texas
                   “The Politician”, Sound, Light and Motion Installation, Austin Community College Faculty Exhibition, Carver Museum and                        Cultural Center, Austin, Texas
2007           “Texas Uprising”, Invitational Sculpture Exhibition, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center and The University of Texas,                        San Antonio Art Gallery
                  “Student/Faculty Exhibition”, Santa Reparata International School of Art, Florence, Italy
                  “10th Sculpture Symposium Exhibition”, Texas State University Gallery, Department of Art and Design, San Marcos, Texas
2006           “Looking Outside Ourselves”, 9th Sculpture Symposium Exhibitions, Texas Sculpture Network, 
                       TexasTech University Center, Junction, Texas and Landmark Gallery, Lubbock, Texas
                  “Faculty Exhibition”, Austin Community College, University of Texas  Performing Arts Center, Austin, Texas
2005           “Faculty Exhibition”, Austin Community College, University of Texas Performing Arts Center, Austin, Texas
2004           “Texas Uprising”, Invitational Sculpture Exhibition, “Robot Wars-Missile Soup”, Sound, Light and Motion Installation, Blue                        Star Contemporary Art Center,  San Antonio, Texas                            
2003           “Missile Soup”, Sound, Light and Motion Installation, Austin Community College Faculty Exhibition, Guadalupe Art                        Center, Austin, Texas
2002           “Solar Earth Monitor”, South Texas Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Co-sponsored by International Sculpture Center,                        Washington, DC  and Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, San Antonio, Texas
                  “Images of a Stunned Person, A Political/Social Commentary Art  Retrospective, 1973-2002”,  Solo Exhibition, Austin                        Community College Gallery, Rio Grande Campus, Austin, Texas
2000           “Digital Dilemma”, Artworks 2000 Outdoor Sculpture Invitational, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas              

1999           “Temple for the Other One”, Artworks 1999 Outdoor Sculpture Invitational, Texas State University, Aquarena                        Springs Center, San Marcos, Texas
                  “Awkward Gravity”, Solo Exhibition, Austin Community College Gallery, Rio Grande Campus, Austin, Texas
1998           “Earth Monitor”, Artworks 1998 Outdoor Sculpture Invitational, Southwest Texas State University, Aquarena Springs                        Center, San Marcos, Texas
1997           “Temples and Totems”, Solo Exhibition, Austin Community College Gallery, Rio Grande Campus,Austin, Texas
                  “Texas Association of Schools of Art Faculty Exhibition, St. Edward’s University Gallery, Austin, Texas
1995-96       “Temple of Light”, Terra-Incognito, Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition,  Austin Museum Of Art  Laguna Gloria, Austin, Texas
1994           “Small Works Invitational”, TRAX Gallery, Austin, Texas
1993-94       “Ritual Rise”, In Response to Nature, Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Austin Museum of Art, Laguna Gloria, Austin, Texas
1993           “Art Discussing Life”, Three Person Invitational Traveling Exhibition, Prichard Gallery, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho;                        Center for Contemporary Arts, Great Falls, Montana
1992           “Spirit Messages”, Solo Exhibition, Jansen-Perez Gallery, San Antonio, Texas
                  “Austin Annual Invitational”, Four Person Exhibition, Mexic-Arte Museum of Art, Austin, Texas
1991           “From Chaos to Calm”, Solo Exhibition, Allen Priebe Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
                  “Hot Sauce”, Exhibit of Hot Sauce Studio Group, San Antonio Art Institute, San Antonio, Texas
1990           “Star Spark”, Sky Art Festival, Exterior Installation, Visual Arts Center of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska
                  “Totemic Light”, Solo Exhibition, RS Levy Gallery, Austin, Texas
1989           “Assembled”, Solo Exhibition, Center for Contemporary Art, Great  Falls, Montana
                  “Hot Houses”, Rooms, Visual Arts Center of Alaska Arco Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska
                  “The Freeing of Eros”, International Gallery of Contemporary Art, Anchorage, Alaska
                  “Toys”, RS Levy Gallery, Austin, Texas
1988           “Infinite Migration”, A Different Place, Interior/Exterior Installation,  Laguna Gloria Museum of Art, Austin, Texas
                  “Exhibit A”, Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, Texas
                  “Tenth Anniversary Exhibition”, Austin Visual Arts Association, Tramell-Crow Gallery, Austin, Texas
1987           “Bad Behavior”, Solo Exhibition, Koehler Cultural Center, San Antonio College, San Antonio, Texas
                  “Drawings and Other Experimental Works”, University of Texas Art Department Faculty Exhibition, RGK Foundation                        Gallery, Austin, Texas
                  “The Visitation”, Site-Specifics Installations, RS Levy Gallery, Austin, Texas
                  “Trespass”, Texas Sculpture Symposium, Exterior Installation, Koehler Cultural Center, San Antonio College, San                        Antonio, Texas
                  “Broken Heart Art”, SPARC Gallery, Venice, California
                 “The Times”, Campus Center Gallery, Three Person Invitational Exhibition, University of Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii
                 “Texas Sculpture Symposium Exhibition”, Interior Installation, Art Cellar Gallery, San Antonio Texas
                 “American Color”, Photography/Invitational, University Art Gallery, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico
1986           “Houston Sculpture Symposium Exhibition”, Invitational, Transco Gallery, Houston, Texas
                  “Artists of the Western Stairstep”, Invitational, Patrick Gallery, Austin, Texas
                  “University of Texas Annual Art Department Faculty Exhibition”,  Huntington Art Museum,
University of Texas, Austin, Texas
                  “Texas ‘86”, Austin Visual Arts Association, Arts Warehouse, Austin, Texas
                  “The Sculptural Process”, Invitational, Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas Vegas, Nevada
1985           “Artbooks”, Artworks/Bookspace, Los Angeles Art Museum, Los Angeles, California
                  “Anticipation and Reminiscence/20 Years Later”, RS Levy Gallery, Austin, Texas.
                  “Invitational Sculpture Exhibition”, Patrick Gallery, Austin, Texas
1984           “Politics and the Presidency”, Invitational, Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institute, Washington,D.C.
                  “Politics and the 1980’s”, Southwestern College Art Gallery, Chula Vista, California.
                 “Time/Space”, International Sculpture Exhibition, Visual Arts Center Alaska Arco Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska
                 “Alaska State Council on the Arts Fellowship Recipients’ Exhibition”, Visual Arts Center of Alaska Arco Gallery, Anchorage,                        Alaska
                 “Exotic, Erotic, Neurotic”, Visual Arts Center of Alaska Arco Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska.
1983          “Artist’s Books”, Soker-Kaseman Gallery, San Francisco, California
                 “Intercomm: International Slide Exhibition”, Casa de la Cultura-Ciudad Lazaro Cardenas, Museo Tamayko-Mexico City,                        Mexico
                 “Messages from Earth”, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas.
                 “A Sense of Humor”, National Sculpture Invitational, Visual Arts Center of Alaska Arco Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska.
                “Earth, Fire and Fibre”, Anchorage Fine Arts Museum, Anchorage, Alaska,Best of Show Award.
                “All-Alaska”, Anchorage Fine Arts Museum, Anchorage, Alaska

2009-present  Executive Committee, Texas Sculpture Group, Headquartered in Tri-City Areas of Austin, Houston, and San Antonio,                        Serving the State of Texas
2005-08          Board Member, Sculpture Network of Texas/Texas Sculpture Symposium
2000               NISOD Teaching Excellence Award, (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development), Department of                        Educational Administration, College of Education, University of Texas at Austin.
1989-90          National Endowment for the Arts/Rockefeller Grant, Projects for Interdisciplinary Artists
1988               Installation Grant, Laguna Gloria Museum of Art, Austin, Texas
1984               Individual Artist’s Fellowship Grant, Alaska State Council of the Arts, Anchorage, Alaska.
1983               Travel Grant, Alaska State Council on the Arts, Anchorage, Alaska.
                       Juror’s Choice Award, “Earth, Fire and Fibre Exhibition”, Anchorage Fine Arts Museum, Show juried by Ann Scherr,                        Chair, Parsons School of Design, New York, New York.
1982               Washington State Art in Public Places Purchase, Olympia, Washington

2001              “Found and Assembled in Alaska”, by Julie Decker, Seoul, Korea: Decker Art Services, 2001, pages 72, 172, 175, 181                        and 206
1991              “Totemic Light”, Video, 5 minutes
1990              “Star Spark”, Video, 8 minutes
1988              “Infinite Migration”, Video, 15 minutes
1985              “Video Shorts”, Video, 19 minutes.
1984              “Climbing the Ladder...” Video, 5 minutes
                      “People, Places, Dreams, Myths and Other Phenomena”, Book.
1983              “Museum Tilt”, “Green Squeak”, “Trying Art”, Performances by the 7AM Artist’s Coalition, Anchorage, Alaska

University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma         Master of Fine Arts
University of Texas, Austin, Texas                         Bachelor of Fine Arts
Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, Florida           Associate of Arts
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

2003-Present        Chair, Department of Art, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas.
2001-2003            Professor of Art, Head, Three-Dimensional Studies, Exhibits Coordinator, Department of Art, Austin Community                              College, Austin, Texas.
1996-2000            Associate Professor of Art, Austin Community College, Head, Three-Dimensional Studies, Exhibits Coordinator,                              Department of Art, Austin, Texas.
1995-98                Chair, Austin Community College, Department of Art, Austin, Texas.
1992-95                Associate Professor of Art, Austin Community College, Head, Three-Dimensional Studies, Exhibits Coordinator,                               Department of Art, Austin, Texas.
1991                      Instructor of Art, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas.
1990                      Instructor of Art, San Antonio College, San Antonio, Texas.
1989-90                Visiting Associate Professor of Art, San Antonio Art Institute, San Antonio, Texas.
1986-88                Visiting Studio Lecturer, Department of Art, University of Texas at Austin
1982-83                Curator/Exhibit Designer, National Endowment for the Humanities, Alaska State Historical Museum, 
                              Palmer, Alaska.
1980-82                 Instructor of Art, College of Southern Nevada, University of Nevada System, Las Vegas, Nevada.
1979-80                 Curator of Exhibits, Anchorage Fine Arts Museum, Anchorage, Alaska.